Transitional Reconstitution for CRSP Equity Indexes

CRSP has implemented a transitional reconstitution process for its 33 equity indexes, which will commence with the September 2017 reconstitution. This new methodology represents a departure from the more standard practice of making all changes to an index in a single day and better aligns CRSP Equity Indexes with the investment community’s best practices.

Following a September 1, 2017, ranking day, transitional reconstitution will occur from September 13, 2017, through September 19, 2017. In future quarters, the ranking day will be the first Friday of March, June, September, or December. The five-day transition period will commence 11 days later on either the second or third Wednesday of that month.

 For more information, please click here to view a CRSP methodology brief on this reconstitution approach.