Item ID Item Name Definition Header
fdcaldt Dividend Calendar Date Calendar date for which dividend applies CalDt
fdis_type Distribution Type
dis_type Description
C Capital Gain No indication of term
CB Qualified Short Term Capital Gain
CH Non-Qualified Short Term Capital Gain
CJ Pre-JGTRAA (The Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconcilliation Act of 2003) Long Term Capital Gain
CL Long-Term Capital Gain
CM Medium-Term Capital Gain (ends 199808)
CO Collectibles
CP Super-Long-Term Capital Gain (For securities held more than 5 years)
CQ Section 1202 Capital Gain (Small Business Stock Exclusion & Rollover of Gain Exclusion)
CR Return of Capital
CS Short-Term Capital Gain
CT REIT Section 1250 Capital Gain
CU Undistributed Capital Gain

Long-Term (CL), Short-Term (CS), and Mid-Term (CM) Capital Gain codes are defined by the tax code. Most often the short-term gain is for an investment sold at a profit that was held for less than a year. Mid-term capital gain is defined as an investment sold at a profit that was held for more than one year. Mid-term capital gain is effective for the period between July 29, 1997- December 31, 1997, for investments held for more than one year but less than 18 months. In this same period, long-term capital gain is declared on those investments held for more than 18 months.

dis_type Description
D Income Dividend (ends 199808)
DD Qualified Income Dividend
DE Exempt Income Dividend
DG Non-Qualified Income Dividend
DT Income Dividend
DU Untaxed dividends (ends 199808)
DW Sum of Daily Accrual Dividends
DY Interest Income Dividend
S Split dividend

In some cases, a fund may have both Taxable (DT) and Untaxed (DU or DE) Dividends. Tax-exempt funds may have a small portion of a taxable dividend. For tax-exempt funds, most if not all income dividends are exempt from federal income tax. However, it is possible that a tax-exempt fund could earn taxable interest income that would be distributed to shareholders as taxable income dividends.
Dist Type
fdis_amt Distribution Amount Distribution Amount
If dis_type = S (Split), dis_amt = 0
Dist Amt
reinvest_nav Reinvestment NAV Reinvestment Price as reported by the fund. Represents the fund’s NAV at which distributions are reinvested.
If dis_type = S (Split), reinvest_nav=0
Reinvest NAV
fspl_ratio Split Ratio History of Split ratio Spl Ratio