Fund Fees

Item ID Item Name Definition Header
ffebegdt Fee Begin Date Beginning of date range for fee information. For annual data, information is valid for the year portion of the begin date. BegDt
ffeenddt Fee End Date End of date range for fee information EndDt
actual_12b1 12b1 Fee Reported as the ratio of the total assets attributed to marketing and distribution costs. Represents the actual fee paid in the most recently completed fiscal year as reported in the Annual Report Statement of Operations. Represented in decimal format.

• -99 & 0 (prior to 1998) are used when no 12b-1 fee is reported.

Data available beginning 1982
max_12b1 Maximum 12b1 Fee Maximum contractual 12b-1 fee. Represented in decimal format.

• A fund with an actual 12b-1 value of -99 may have a max_12b1 fee indicating the maximum even though none is currently being reported.
• Null values are used when no maximum value is reported.

Data available beginning 1998
Max 12b1
fexp_ratio Expense Ratio Expense Ratio as of the most recently completed fiscal year. Represented in decimal format.

Ratio of total investment that shareholders pay for the fund’s operating expenses, which include 12b-1 fees

exp_ratio may include waivers and reimbursements, causing it to appear to be less than the fund management fee.
Exp Ratio
fmgmt_fee Management Fee Management fee ($)/ Average Net Assets ($)

The fee is calculated using ratios based on the line items reported in the Statement of Operations. The management fee can be offset by fee waivers and/or reimbursements which will make this value differ from the contractual fees found in the prospectus. Reimbursements can lead to negative Management Fees.

Data available beginning 1998
Mgt Fee
fturn_ratio Turnover Ratio Fund Turnover Ratio. Minimum (of aggregated sales or aggregated purchases of securities), divided by the average 12-month Total Net Assets of the fund. If fiscal_yearend is present, turn_ratio is for the twelve months ending on fiscal_yearend. If fiscal_yearend is missing, then turn_ratio is for the twelve months ending on the begdt. Turnover
ffiscal_yearend Fiscal Year End Effective date used for fees FYE