Item ID Item Name Definition Header
fpmcrsp_portno CRSP PORTNO Portfolio number is the unique identifier for a security or a group of securities held in a fund’s portfolio CRSP Portno
fpmbegdt Portfolio Map Begin Date Beginning date for which the map is valid BegDt
fpmenddt Portfolio Map End Date Ending date for which the map is valid EndDt


Item ID Item Name Definition Header
freport_dt Report Date Date of holdings as reported by CRSP’s sources

Data available beginning September 2003
Report Dt
fsecurity_rank Security Rank in Portfolio Rank associated with the percentage of total net assets within the portfolio Rank
feff_dt Effective Date Date holdings information was received from CRSP’s vendor. As a result, all effective dates are equal to or more current than report dates in the database. Effect Dt
fpercent_tna Percent TNA Security’s percentage of the total net assets in the portfolio. Value on which the security rank is calculated. Percnt TNA
fnbr_shares Shares Held Number of the security’s shares held in the portfolio Shares
fmarket_val Market Value Market value of the security as of the report date shown on the record Mkt Value
fcrsp_company_key Company Holdings Identifier Unique identifier for company information associated with holdings file Comp Key

Holdings-Company Detail

Item ID Item Name Definition Header
fsecurity_name Security Name Name of the security held Name
fcusip CUSIP CUSIP associated with the security CUSIP
fpermno PERMNO CRSP’s permanent stock issue identifier. Available for issues covered in the CRSP universe. PERMNO
Fpermco PERMCO CRSP’s permanent company identifier. Available for companies covered in the CRSP universe. PERMCO
fticker Ticker Ticker symbol given by the exchange Ticker
fcoupon Coupon Rate Bond coupon rate Coupon Rate
fmatdt Maturity Date Date of bond maturity Maturity Dt